Thursday, October 18, 2012

Religare Health Trust IPO Balloting Results

Results of the Religare Health Trust IPO is out as of 18 Oct 2012 and are summarised as follows
  • 567,455,000 shares for public and placement tranche
    • 12,000,000 for public tranche
  • 2.3x overscribed for placement tranche shares
  • 14.5x over subscribed for the public tranche shares
  • IPO raising with 567.455 million shares at S$0.90 each
Shares will commence trading on a "ready" basis at 2pm on Friday, 19 Oct 2012 (instead of 9am on 22 October as previously stated) [CNA Official]

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Official announcement document of the Religare Health Trust IPO is available on SGX here.

On a side note, Dynasty REIT and Gaylin Holdings have subsequently announced their IPO listings that will be due on the SGX mainboard next week. The IPO scene is truly heating up!

For those of you gunning for the upcoming 2 more IPOs, check out my blog page on "Guide to IPO Investing" to help you navigate around especially if you are a new investor or new to the IPO bidding system of SGX. Do not waste time; time is ticking away to those offer deadlines!

To also have a feel of the local demand for IPOs, do check out my compiled "IPO SG Statistics" page for a good detailed but yet bite-sized organisation of the statistics.

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