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There are several good sites to look at and ponder for healthy trading. It is always good to cultivate a habit of learning and to obtain different perspectives. After all, the stock market is a complex interrelationship between all sorts of parties.
Here are the more prominent ones whom I pretty frequently refer to for them for Singapore trading.

Local blogs
The Finance - compilations of articles from numerous local finance blog authors.
Createwealth8888 - finance and retirement-focused blog
BULLy the BEAR - SG stock market and general finance blog
Singapore IPOs - an excellent read on local IPOs and know-how.
A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor - SG stock market focused blog
A Young Investor's Diary - FA-focused blog
Wealthy Story - general finance blog towards infinite wealth.
Options Singapore - trading options in Singapore
SmartPassiveCashFlow - finance blog towards passive cash flow

Alternative Market News
Remisiers - a local website with daily updates of stock recommendations and analyst reports.
Shares Investment - a local website offering numerous feed information on local stocks.
IMF Blog - fast IMF news updates on a global scale.


Economic Indicators
FX Street Real-Time Economic Calendar - real-time economic data; very comprehensive.
FX Street's Economic Data Reports - economic data reports and reviews.
IMF Data Mapper - a source of macroeconomic data presented in a very palatable manner.

Online Learning Resources
How Winning Traders Think - Whether you might be a fundamental or technical analysis trader, you might want to take a look at how to think and control emotions better with this video.
Million Dollar Traders - An excellent Reality TV show produced to select the best trader from a basket of participants from all walks of life. Really, this should be the initiation video should you decide to do trading of any sort.
Technical Analysis Course on YouTube - a very comprehensive module based collection of videos teaching fundamentals of Technical Analysis.
Candlestick Forum - An excellent website dedicated to candlestick trading in Technical Analysis.

Google Search
Alternatively, if all else fails, there's always Google search that can solve our search headache.

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