Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midas and Tiger Exhibiting Strength with Major Supports

The market has been taking some profit-taking/correction/consolidation/volatility whatever you would like to call it. A few stocks have been catching my eye in this period of change - a refreshing one after an unexpected bullish of 2 months. They are Midas and Tiger. I quite particularly like the way they have tested the supports in this rally and am convinced that they are less risky plays in this supposedly continuing uptrend. At least, in any situation that the market turns, the stocks chosen will not break that easily.

Bullish short term. Midas has just broken out of a symmetric triangle or a pennant or whatever pro-pattern chartists call it. A white candlestick has appeared for the first time in 9 trading days. Volume has increased too. 
But, the price action is not without headwinds. First, it is still tracking below the 20d MA line so expect some resistance to come. Should the breakout and a cross of prices above the 20d MA, a more bullish uptrend is expected. For the conservatives, perhaps it would be better to wait for the cross over the 20d MA at around 0.40.
MACD histogram has been 2 days in green. MACD line is trending up and still in positive territory.
RSI has just crossed over the 50 mark and is highly healthy.

Watch. Tiger has been consolidating its prices for the last 1-2 weeks at around 0.80. Prices were also resisted strongly by the 200d MA line heavily for 4 trading sessions and possibly even til today. It is also heavily support by the 0.80 line so some sort of a triangle of trading boundaries is formed. A very narrow band of trading is occuring so expect a breakout soon.
Volumes have been low suggesting some sort of price consolidation and possible further uptrend in the breakout.
MACD histogram has been in red for the past 5 days. MACD line is trending down slightly but still in positive territory. Expect some sort of further retracement of the MACD.
RSI is slightly downtrending/flat but well above the 50 level.

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