Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kim Heng IPO Ballot Results

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Kim Heng Offshore & Marine Holdings Ballot Results

Shares will start trading at 9am on 22 Jan 2014.
Results of the IPO as follow
  • 5.8x oversubscribed
  • 280x oversubscribed in offer (public) tranche
  • 1x subscription for placement shares

Comments on latest OUE C-REIT IPO

We have a BUY call on the latest OUE C-REIT IPO with an eye for the long run (horizon). Expect volatility in prices as US tapering exercise goes into full swing and as OUE C-REIT begins negotiating renewal of rents. Read full article on healthtrading here.

IF YOU ARE UNDECIDEDSG IPO Statistics page will show you how the IPO demand and supply has been from 2012 onwards.

IF YOU WANT TO APPLY, do check out Guide to IPO InvestingThe deadline is Noon 23 Jan! Hurry.

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SmartPassiveCashFlow said...

Usually when it is a good stock, I do not get the balloting shares. If it is not such a good stock, I tend to get it.

A Happy 2014 New Year To You!!

A Happy 2014 New Year To You!!

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