Monday, June 25, 2012

Focus on the Demand & Supply + Momentum

I have been tuned to the podcasts (via iTunes) provided by JP Morgan Asset Management department where they have frequent updates of speakers who share the core and fundamental principles that the investment bank employs to trade this rocky market. The one most important strategy that stands out has to be emphasis on price momentum and high demand for the asset. 

Fundamental analysis works theoretically but it does not matter if the market works, ironically here, inefficiently and not price that extra value that you see. But with a fundamental thesis, stock market demand & supply as well as price action not only will provide vindication but also ascertains a valid period of entry. This is what I find extremely telling and acute to my own investment strategies. Sometimes what I feel works fundamentally is not replicated by the market no matter how long I wait and I get fed up with it after awhile. Whereas there are some high in demand stocks that always end up moving up (high beta) with the overall market when times are good. 

Convinced or not, there is clearly one important sector that stands out to me over the year start rally and the recent 2-week-premature rally - Property

The SGX MyGateway portal has rightly caught up on this trends of activity for the first half of the year and translated it into a nice writeup that you should be able to access via SGX MyGateway pretty soon (the email update for this came 25 June 2012 and my guess is it should be up on the website in a few more days). Meanwhile, check out the article below.

Source: SGX MyGateway

Property is still Singapore's favourite hobby isn't it? Still, they are people thronging to grab these counters at supposedly discounted values especially counters like Capitaland and Keppeland that have done tremendously well YTD. This is where I will put my money obviously where the market fundamentals (overlooking the cooling measures which are supposed to do good than harm to property market) and demand aligns. Clearly, the returns will not lag the market when it rebounds. 

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