Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Rally is Finally Here? - STI

Finally the long overdue, investor-centric, QE3 was launched by Ben Bernanke for the USA in tandem with monetary easing policies adopted in key economies around the world such as China (last weekend, on restarting rail and infrastructure projects) and Europe (unlimited bond buying programme to stabilise debt markets). Markets have been in rally mood over the last 2 days clearly appreciative of the actions taken by these economies to restart sluggish growth in the world that has been badly plagued by political inefficiency and inability.

Key market movers on Thursday and Friday on the STI included commodity counters such as Wilmar, Noble Group and Olam as well as property stocks such as Capitaland, Ho Bee and Yanlord. Interestingly, it has been mentioned on Reuters that QE3 may 'spur China's central bank' into more action' albeit with a smaller probability of happening. However, that has clearly not stopped investors from punting bets in favour of a China's recovery, hence such attention on key commodities and property counters that will be huge beneficiaries to any further Chinese bank actions. 

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STI Outlook Buy. Singapore will be a key beneficiary when money from US, Europe and China trickles down into the economy, restarting trade activities. Extra cash on hand also spurs investment into Singapore, something at which has already been at a high this year with the Sing Dollar strengthening tremendously due to demand. The STI will also be buoyed by any further Chinese Central bank actions in the coming weeks, if any.
  • MACD - MACD trending upwards and positive divergence is back.
  • RSI (25d) - RSI just rebounded from 50% and headed to 70%. Still room for play.
  • Bollinger Bands - Prices are already closing in on the upper bollinger and possibly pulling the bollinger bands further wide apart for more upside volatility.
  • 20d MA - Prices have just crossed the 20d MA on the back of a huge gap up on Friday.
  • Volume - High volume accompanying the gap up in the STI on Friday, further signalling strong upwards buying pressure from market participants and more potential upside bets being placed.

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