Monday, September 10, 2012

Steel play heating up? - Midas

Midas is a steel company that comes to direct consideration for more upside given the current resumption of rail development by the Chinese govt. It is a recovering stock that has seen a vast inprovement in its fortunes in the later half of thia year with impact expected in its 2013 FY earnings. It has sealed several successful contract wins over the 2nd half of the year as opposed to a very poor first half of 2012. In fact, a small table below has been compiled regarding its contract wins in 2012. There has been increased optimism too that it will be able to secure more rail contracts given the recovering China rail industry after the recent rail incident.

Midas contracts history for 2012 so far:

Fundamental Outlook - Buy. It is clear that the Chinese government are indeed ramping up rail development once again after a hiatus from the Wenzhou railway incident 1 year ago. Let's not forget that it is in the interest of the Chinese government to link up cities and continue the economic boom, although possibly at a slightly lower pace from before. Nonetheless, resuming of the rail development business is definitely going to be a boon for Midas. 
On top of that, Midas is clearly diversifying in light of their recent troubles to restructure their business to also incorporate power. Their first contract of 2012 in the power industry has been secured in 5 Sept, a few days ago, to positive market acceptance. 

Technical Outlook - Buy. Chart is looking good with a breakout on 7 Sept on the back of news of 2 contracts being secured in the week. Not overly expensive either. TP ~$0.44.
  • MACD - Has just turned upwards again and is in positive territory. Divergence also just turned positive when MACD crossed its signal line.
  • RSI (25d) - Bounced off the 50% level and has some room to maneuver before the 70% levels.
  • Bollinger Bands - Prices have just broken through the upper bollinger band to signify further upwards momentum.
  • Breakout - A large white candlestick appeared on 7 Sept on the back of a breakout through the $0.38 major resistance. Expect this level to form good support for further challenging of the $0.44 levels for Midas.
  • Volume - A huge surge in volume occured on 7 Sept accompanying the major white candlestick. 

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