Monday, June 4, 2012

Danger Signs Telling in STI and Dow

 No, there has been no change in my view of the STI and Dow since 2 weeks ago when I first posted on the Dow. There is further information on MarketWatch that cautioned Dow going below its 200d MA, triggering a slew of sell orders that will bring the market terribly lower in the week and following.

The STI has already been trading below its 200d MA for quite awhile so that does not apply right now. However more sinister is an observation that the STI has broken through its resistance line and is swiftly headed downwards.

Outlook - Track closely. Too late to participate in the selling unless you can be terribly sure of the Greek election results. Market has been swinging up and down lately to have a decent direction path. US QE3 and China stimulus are still on the lips of traders - do not omit that in your trading decision. Possible return to green when prices tumble to the lower bollinger/RSI goes below 30%.
  • MACD - trending downwards as with many regional and international bourses. Not at its 1-2 years historical lows yet so more downside still possible.
  • RSI(25d) - persisting around 35% but still highly possible to be dragged down below 30% which is where to watch for.

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